Trying out the vivo V7 + Face Beauty 7.0 and Portrait mode, camera samples included!


After yesterday's test with the vivo V7 + front and rear cameras, today we'll be checking out the selfie functions of the 24MP front camera, namely their Face Beauty 7.0 and Portrait mode. Our tests revealed natural beautifying effects with a sharper chin, smoother face and brighter skin while the portrait mode offers plenty of filters as well along with an easy to use self-timer. Check out the camera samples for yourself below:

vivo V7 + Face Beauty 7.0


Here's the original shot without any Face Beauty 7.0


Wah, so fair and lovely


Sharper chin some more


Good at any angle


Keeps everything else looking natural, including the faded shirt, detailed hair and earring

vivo V7 + Portrait mode


Here's the original shot


For that lomo feel


If you're feeling some black and white


If you're feeling a need for some nostalgia

The vivo V7 + is set for release in Malaysia on 26 September 2017 and we'll be there to check it out first hand. Stay tuned to for all the tech news and reviews.

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