Twitch streamer discovered a huge indent on his head for wearing his headphones too long


A few days ago, Curtoss, a Twitch streamer got himself the surprise of his life - discovering an indent on the top of his head while shaving his hair in front of his fans. The head shaving was a charity for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, but both he and his viewers were shocked to see the effect of prolonged headset usage. 

In case you can't watch the short clip below, Curtoss said “Dude, I have an indent like right here, this is where my headphones go!” Obviously, the clip went viral and it turns out that there are other gamers who share the same fate with their own indented skulls. 

So... should we be wary of wearing our headphones for too long? According to sources, it really depends. Headphonesty's findings said an object of 135kg can cause minor fractures to the skull, and usually, gamers do get "headphone hair" from wearing headphones for too long. The solution is just make sure not to wear the headphone headband too tight, so we don't really need to worry too much. 

In addition, the World Health Organization also estimated that approximately 50% of people between the ages of 12 to 35 could risk damaging their hearing because of prolonged loud sound exposure, which can also happen through headphones. Hearing loss can happen at 120 dB after an hour and 15 minutes, and many headphones can produce sounds up to that level so you should also make sure your volume isn't too loud either. 

What do you think? Are you a gamer who wears headphones like above? Have you felt your head lately? Share your experiences in the comments below and stay tuned to