Twitter announces Creator Ads Revenue Sharing today


It seems that the Threads hype has gone down a bit. On the other corner, Twitter just announced its Creator Ads Revenue Sharing for all content creators and here's what you should know about it.

As the name suggests and in an effort to help creators on Twitter, Twitter is now helping them out to get a share in ad revenue starting with their posts' replies. The company has already started rolling out to an initial group that will be invited to accept payment, and the Creator Ads Revenue Sharing will be available in every country that supports Stripe payouts.

Of course, only those who are subscribed to Twitter Blue or Verified Organisations are eligible for this program. For those not on board yet, creators and organisations can sign up for Ads Revenue Sharing and Creator Subscriptions independently. The other requirement is that the account must have at least five million impressions in the last three months and make a Stripe account.

Twitter will be launching an application process for ads revenue sharing. But in the meantime, creators can also apply for the Creator Subscription and Creator Ads Revenue Sharing in Monetisation via Twitter settings.