Twitter confirmed Donald Trump can never return to the platform (forever)


Ah, former US President Trump. While he did make a lot of people angry over the past four years, some of his tweets (probably handled by his marketing team) were pretty entertaining. If you recall, he got banned and removed from Twitter during the last US elections will never ever see him again.

This was confirmed by Twitter CFO Ned Segal when he went live on CNBC for an interview. The interviewer was asking if Trump was running on election again, would Twitter allow him back on the platform? Short answer - a straight no.

This is because Twitter's policy is design to make sure no one incites violence and since Trump did that, he got kicked out big time. The CFO went on saying that it doesn't matter if "you're a commentator, you're a CFO or you are a former or current public official,". Once you break the rule, you're out and can never come back again.

Oh well, we will surely miss his silly tweets. That said, be sure to behave well online else you might get the same treatment from Twitter. Stay safe and stay tuned for trending tech news at