Twitter's CEO’s Twitter got hacked due to this older feature you may not have heard of


Twitter recently confirmed that Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter’s Twitter account got hacked on Friday by a little known but formerly useful Twitter feature called tweet by text. Apparently, Jack’s account started spewing hate and racist tweets, but it was due to the tweet by text feature without having to actually hack the Twitter account. This was done by spoofing the phone number or tricking Twitter into believing that the hackers were actually using Jack’s phone. 

Spotted by CNN Business, the tweet by text feature could have been useful previously back when SMS was more prevalent, but supposedly Twitter have since responded and said that the “issue is now resolved”. Previously, security researchers spotted this and mentioned it last year, but Twitter said that it had been resolved. Notice a trend here? All we can say for now is to be more careful with your Twitter account, but we’ll be checking in on a solution for this, so stay tuned to