Twitter users will be able to request for verification soon from their profile


You might not know this but back in 2017, Twitter used to have a public verification program and it was shut down. Now it seems that the company is planning to relaunch it back and it was spotted by @wongmjane with some evidence for the Twitter app.

For those who don't know what does a Twitter public verification program, it's simply a method to verify official accounts via the AI system. The reason why it was closed down was due to a few controversies, as it accidentally verified a white supremacist Twitter account and that was just one of it. So what will be new this time around? Instead of waiting for the AI system to spot and verify your account, you can now request for verification by your own.

It's not officially rolled out yet by Twitter, but Reverse Engineer, Jane discovered this new feature on her account settings page under Personal Information. Even Twitter have confirmed her screenshot to be true and stated that they will also send out a public document on how to qualify to be a verified Twitter use.

We think this method is actually way better and perhaps other social media pages can do the same. There is no announced date for their revamp verification program yet so stay tuned for more trending tech news at