Twitter will not be removed from the App Store, said Elon Musk after meeting up Tim Cook


Previously, Elon Musk was quite "emotional" about Apple's alleged plan to remove Twitter from the Apple App Store. But it seems that it has been cleared out. This was after Musk had met up with Tim Cook recently.

The two businessmen had a meeting at the Apple Campus, and Musk changed his tone entirely after having a "good conversation" with Cook. In fact, Cook told him that Apple never had plans to remove Twitter in the first place. Musk also said tweeted that the campus was beautiful.

Prior to the meet-up, Musk complained and made a meme about the 30% tax on the app store set by Apple. However, it was promptly deleted shortly. Many users are seeing the immaturity of Musk, and even more so after calming down from meeting Cook. Anyway, the misunderstanding has been cleared.

Twitter has been the talk of the tech industry recently after Musk took over the company. There is an $8 per month for the blue tick but it quickly got abused by impostors to make fake accounts of various brands and celebrities making funny tweets. The subscription is now on pause, and Twitter also stopped its Covid misinformation policy and reinstated banned accounts such as former president Donald Trump.