Twitter will soon let you make phone calls, says Musk


In his quest to make Twitter an "Everything App", Elon Musk has continuously pushed for new features. These aren't features that improve on what Twitter already does, but aim to add new functionality to the platform. For instance, voice calls.

Earlier today, Musk posted a tweet claiming that the platform will soon support voice and video calls. Unlike calls via your phone or WhatsApp, you'll be able to do so without giving your phone number away. That can be handy for those who want to keep a phone number as private as possible, or prevent it from being flooded by tele-marketers.

Mind you, Musk didn't mention when the feature would be available, so it's not too relevant at the moment. What's relevant is the ability to send encrypted DMs to any message in a Twitter thread. This is useful if you want to reply to a specific message in private. That also implies that the feature will quote the message your replying to in DM.

If you ask us, encrypting direct messages are great because it promotes privacy. Not too sure whether we need another avenue to make phone calls though. What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments and stay tuned to TechNave for more news like this.