U Mobile RM70 monthly Hero P70 plan with 15GB promotion extended until 31 December 2016


U Mobile are extending their Hero Plan, the P70 15GB promotions until 31 December 2016 instead of their original intention to end it on 30 June 2016. Whether you are already on the Hero P70 plan or are still thinking about getting it, as long you are subscribing to the Hero P70 plan now or soon, you will still be entitled to 15GB monthly at the cost of RM70/month. This plan will give out unlimited calls to all networks on top of 15GB of high-speed internet. We have also released the article for U Mobile Hero P70 in the past; you can check it out if you haven't done so.


After the promotion ends starting January next year, U Mobile will reduce the Hero P70 plan to the original quota amount, which is at 7GB monthly. Until then, enjoy the upgrade and if you are looking for more information regarding this, visit the U Mobile official website.