U Mobile Unleashes Sony Xperia Z in Malaysia at RM999

Umobile Sony Xperia Z RM167 cover.jpg

Sony Xperia Z fans out there should rejoice as U Mobile is now offering the smartphone for as low as RM999 on the U Premium bundle or from RM1688 to RM 1488 via their U58 and U88 bundles respectively. The U Premium bundle in particular offers the Sony Xperia Z at a subsidized price of RM999 with a monthly of RM187 and 5GB worth of data. Bear in mind that the U Premium bundle is only available for the first 50 units of the Sony Xperia Z only and that the U58, U88 and U Premium bundles are going for 24 month contracts.

For the full details regarding each U58, U88 and U Premium plan, check out the table below:

Sony Xperia Z Umobile table A.jpg

If you're a heavy user and have some money to burn now we heartily recommend that you go for the U Premium. Hopefully you'll be able to make the first 50 units in time. As always, do check out our other U Mobile Telco Plans and for further information about this deal check out the U Mobile site.

Umobile Sony Xperia Z RM167 plan.jpg


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