U Mobile launches U Home 5G CPE Bundle with a free router for RM68 per month


To continue building on U Mobile's U Home 5G broadband plan, the company just announced a new U Home 5G CPE Bundle for RM78 per month. But in conjunction with the launch, the price will be just RM68 per month for a limited time.

Customers will receive a brand-new WiFi-6 5G CPE for free when they sign up for the U Home 5G CPE bundle for 24 months, at the discounted RM68 monthly. With this new bundle, customers will get to enjoy U Home 5G’s 5G/4G internet high-speeds immediately, as they will not need to purchase a modem or router prior. 

Screenshot 2024-03-15 120239.png

According to the website, the WiFi 6 5G router is free and no installation is required. The router is covered by a 2-year warranty but of course, make sure to check your area coverage first for 5G connectivity. On the other hand, U Mobile is also offering the CPE bundle to customers who may be interested in pairing it with U Biz 5G Office, its 5G broadband plan for offices.

For more information on U Mobile’s CPE Bundle with U Home 5G and U Biz 5G Office, you can visit the official web portal right over here.