U Mobile launches new U Postpaid plans with up to 1TB of mobile internet data & more


Today, U Mobile is excited to unveil two new postpaid plans - the U Postpaid 98 and U Postpaid 68 to join the U Postpaid 38 which was launched earlier. Promoting it as 5G-ready, the U Postpaid 98 is the first in the industry to offer 1000GB (1TB) of high-speed mobile internet data for the Malaysian market. 

If you need that much data, the U Postpaid 98 is RM98 per month and it can be shared with up to six family members for only RM38 per line. Combining with unlimited calls as well, you can also get a new 5G device on instalment with 0% monthly interest via U Mobile’s U PayLater, or with U SaveMore. Meanwhile, U Postpaid 68 is RM68 per month with 100GB of data and is 5G-ready as well. 


On top of that, both postpaid plans also offer 15GB of data monthly to roam for free in 63 destinations. This includes popular locations like the UK, USA, South Korea, Portugal, Turkey, Thailand and Singapore. On top of free roaming data, customers will also enjoy free incoming calls from any of the 63 destinations when abroad. 

In terms of 5G availability, Tiffany Chew, the Head of Communications and Sustainability said that they can't disclose anything about the 5G rollout as it's not up to the company to decide. So I guess we still have to wait on the update whenever available. To find out more about the new U Postpaid, 5G devices bundles and U FamilyShare, you can click on any of the links below.


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