U Mobile quietly increased the data pool for both U Postpaid 38 & 68 plans with up to 200GB


In this short news, U Mobile quietly increased its data pool for both U Postpaid 38 and U Postpaid 68 plans. Initially, the data pool was 60GB and 200GB but got boosted up to 120GB and 300GB, respectively. 

Other than that, nothing much else has changed. By the way, the increased data pool includes both 5G and 4G connectivity. And as we shared before, the UltraHotspot 5G is still present which can power up multiple devices. Local network calls are also still unlimited. 


Compared between the two, the U Postpaid 68 has extra perks such as International Roaming and Calling for Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand. You can also get a free 5G phone with a 36-month contract. If you want a higher data pool, look no further than the U Postpaid 98 with 1000GB of 5G and 4G data. Its global roaming is also free in 63 destinations.

If you want to find out more about the U Postpaid plans, you can visit its official web portal right over here. Have a good day and stay tuned for more news at TechNave.com.