U Mobile registration of interest page reveals Apple iPhone 6s will be available with U MicroCredit

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With the Apple iPhone 6s already officially on it's way to Malaysia on 16 October 2015, Malaysia's telcos have started the pre-registration or registration of interest pages for the smartphone. U Mobile is no different but unlike the others, it appears that they will be offering the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus on U MicroCredit. Previously available for the iPhone 6U MicroCredit is an installment payment plan with no deposit or credit card required so everyone can own the latest iPhone 6s despite its rather high price tag. Again, unlike the other telcos, this method means that even U Mobile prepaid users can get an iPhone 6s.

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In addition to the U MicroCredit plan, we recently got news that the iPhone 6s will also be offered on a new Flexi U MicroCredit plan which will allow you to choose the financing amount and repayment months as you want, so even more Malaysians can afford the iPhone 6s. Check out the Registration of Interest page at www.u.com.my/iphone6s for an early notification of when it will be available on U Mobile. Granted, Apple have yet to reveal Malaysia pricing details but with last year's iPhone 6 going for RM2699 and this year's drop in currency value we estimate the iPhone 6s going for as high as RM3199 but you can check our other estimated pricing details and full price list of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus around the world below.

  • Apple iPhone 6s 16GB storage – RM3199
  • Apple iPhone 6s 64GB storage – RM3699
  • Apple iPhone 6s 128GB storage – RM4199
  • Apple iPhone 6s Plus 16GB storage – RM3699
  • Apple iPhone 6s Plus 64GB storage – RM4199
  • Apple iPhone 6s Plus 128GB storage – RM4699



iPhone 6

iPhone 6s

iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 6s Plus

U.S 16GB $649 (RM2840) $649 (RM2840) $749 (RM3278) $749 (RM3278)
64GB $749 (RM3278) $749 (RM3278) $849 (RM3716) $849 (RM3716)
128GB $849 (RM3716) $849 (RM3716) $949 (RM4153) $949 (RM4153)
Singapore 16GB S$988 (RM3028) S$1048 (RM3212) S$1148 (RM3518) S$1218 (RM3733)
64GB S$1148 (RM3518) S$1218 (RM3733) S$1288 (RM3948) S$1388 (RM4254)
128GB S$1288 (RM3948) S$1388 (RM4254) S$1448 (RM4438) S$1558 (RM4775)
Hong Kong 16GB HK$5588 (RM3152) HK$5588 (RM3152) HK$6388 (RM3602) HK$6388 (RM3602)
64GB HK$6388 (RM3602) HK$6388 (RM3602) HK$7188 (RM4054) HK$7188 (RM4054)
128GB HK$7188 (RM4054) HK$7188 (RM4054) HK$8088 (RM4562) HK$8088 (RM4562)
China 16GB 5288Yuan (RM3638) 5288Yuan (RM3638) 6088Yuan (RM4188) 6088Yuan (RM4188)
64GB 6088Yuan (RM4188) 6088Yuan (RM4188) 6888Yuan (RM4738) 6888Yuan (RM4738)
128GB 6888Yuan (RM4738) 6888Yuan (RM4738) 7788Yuan (RM5358) 7788Yuan (RM5358)
Australia 16GB A$999 (RM3112) A$1079 (RM3361) A$1149 (RM3579) A$1229 (RM3828)
64GB A$1149 (RM3579) A$1229 (RM3828) A$1299 (RM4046) A$1379 (RM4296)
128GB A$1299 (RM4046) A$1379 (RM4296) A$1449 (RM4514) A$1529 (RM4762)
New Zealand 16GB NZ$1079 (RM3067) NZ$1199 (RM3408) NZ$1249 (RM3550) NZ$1399 (RM3977)
64GB NZ$1249 (RM3550) NZ$1399 (RM3977) NZ$1429 (RM4062) NZ$1599 (RM4546)
128GB NZ$1429 (RM4062) NZ$1599 (RM4546) NZ$1599 (RM4546) NZ$1799 (RM5114)
Japan 16GB ¥86,800 (RM3156) ¥86,800 (RM3156) ¥98,800 (RM3592) ¥98,800 (RM3592)
64GB ¥98,800 (RM3592) ¥98,800 (RM3592) ¥110,800 (RM4028) ¥110,800 (RM4028)
128GB ¥110,800 (RM4028) ¥110,800 (RM4028) ¥122,800 (RM4465) ¥122,800 (RM4465)
U.K 16GB £539 (RM3575) £539 (RM3575) £619 (RM4106) £619 (RM4106)
64GB £619 (RM4106) £619 (RM4106) £699 (RM4636) £699 (RM4636)
128GB £699 (RM4636) £699 (RM4636) £789 (RM5233) £789 (RM5233)
Germany 16GB €699 (RM3427) €739 (RM3623) €799 (RM3917) €849 (RM4162)
64GB €799 (RM3917) €849 (RM4162) €899 (RM4408) €959 (RM4702)
128GB €899 (RM4408) €959 (RM4702) €999 (RM4898) €1069 (RM5241)
Canada 16GB $839 (RM2807) $899 (RM3008) $969 (RM3242) $1029 (RM3443)
64GB $969 (RM3242) $1029 (RM3443) $1099 (RM3677) $1159 (RM3878)
128GB $1099 (RM3677) $1159 (RM3878) $1229 (RM4112) $1289 (RM4312)
France 16GB €709 (RM3476) €749 (RM3672) €819 (RM4016) €859 (RM4212)
64GB €819 (RM4016) €859 (RM4212) €919 (RM4506) €969 (RM4751)
128GB €919 (RM4506) €969 (RM4751) €1019 (RM4996) €1079 (RM5290)

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