Unifi Basic plan throttle speeds down to 128kbps after finishing 60GB quota

Unifi Turbo upgrades existing Unifi customers up to 800Mbps rollout starting 15 August 2018

Previously we have reported that TM Unifi had announced their unifi Basic Plan which has speeds of up to 30Mbps. But there's a catch, customers who subscribe to the Basic Plan is capped at 60GB data quota, it is only available to households who have a total income of less than RM4500 and it is available exclusively on the TM Unifi's official website.

Based on an FAQ located on the unifi Basic Plan on TM Unifi’s official website, once customers uses up the 60GB data quota per month they will experience network throttling which would bring their speeds down from 30Mbps to 128Kbps which is more than 200 times slower than the original speed. To give a little perspective, a 30Mbps line could easily down a 1GB file in less than 5 minutes while the 128Kbps line would take about 18 hours to download the same file. TM Unifi has yet to announce any quota add-ons for the Unifi Basic Plan for now, but it might come soon in the near future(hopefully!). For more updates like these, stay tuned to TechNave.com.


128Kbps speed downloading a 1GB file


30Kbps speed downloading a 1GB file