Unifi Basic requires payslip/BRIM acceptance letter + Unifi 10x speed upgrade starts on 18 July 2018

TM announced their new 30Mbps Unifi Basic for RM79 a month

You can pre-order the unifi Basic Plan which offers 30Mbps for RM79 a month with a 60GB data cap. However, customers are required to present a payslip to prove that their household is currently earning less than RM4500 a month or BRIM acceptance letter in order to sign up for the unifi Basic Plan. Not only that, they have to be within unifi covered areas and be at least 18 and above.

Do take note that the unifi Basic Plan will be subjected to the usual 24 months contract and although it does come with a fixed telephone line, the plan does not come bundled with a telephone set and it has to be purchased separately at any TMpoint in Malaysia. The plan will be officially available starting from 1 August 2018.


image courtesy of lowyat.net

On another note, there was a new section that popped up on unifi’s website showcasing the unifi Turbo upgrade plan and who is eligible for the upgrade. Apparently the new section showcased that the upgrade is starting from 18 July 2018 onwards but will only commence as with the consent of the customer.

There is no other information regarding whether they will provide a better router to support the new unifi Turbo plan speeds but we hope to see more updates from unifi as the service rolls out. For more news like these, stay tuned to TechNave.com.