Unifi Turbo upgrades existing Unifi customers up to 800Mbps rollout starting 15 August 2018


On today's media briefing, Telekom Malaysia has announced the Unifi Turbo Plan and plans to upgrade existing Unifi customers up to 800Mbps at no extra cost. Not only that, customers are not required to renew their contracts as it will be a direct speed upgrade. Here is the list of speed upgrades that the plans are eligible for:

  • 20Mbps and below to 100Mbps
  • 30Mbps to 300Mbps
  • 50Mbps to 500Mbps
  • 100Mbps to 800Mbps

Unlike the Unifi Basic Plan, the Unifi Turbo Plan upgrades will come with unlimited quota. Upgrades will gradually roll out starting from 15 August 2018. It is best to note that there is no news in regards to whether Unifi will provide a much better router capable of handling those kinds of speeds for now. For more updates like these, stay tuned to TechNave.com.