(Updated) Two brand new Fusion Colours for the vivo V11 and it's using a Snapdragon 660 AIE

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We are now in the month of September and the vivo V11 release is getting closer (we can feel it). Just over the long weekend, vivo Malaysia was kind enough to share with us some new information about the upcoming selfie smartphone - two brands colours and some tech-specs. Let's get right to it below!

Firstly, the V11 will come in two colour options which are called Starry Night and Nebula. Obviously inspired by the theme of space, the Starry Night edition is a combination of both black and blue together, as if we are staring into the stars of the night sky upon a closer look. Then for the Nebula edition, it's a combination of blue and purple hues. Judging by the image that is already on their Facebook page, it looks like the blue will be on top and the purple remains at the bottom. vivo calls this Fusion Colours and we hope the phones will look exactly like the images.

WeChat Image_20180830115115.png

A sneak peek of Starry Night 

WeChat Image_20180830115101.png

Here's the Nebula edition

WeChat Image_20180830160506.jpg

AnTuTu score

To the tech-specs side, it's confirmed that the V11 will be packing a Snapdragon 660 AIE and 6GB of RAM, which the V11 managed to manage to secure up to 128539 points on the AnTuTu chart. Apparently, there's also MediaTek Helio P60 variant and it's called the V11i, will we be getting two V11 variants into Malaysia? Seems unlikely, these two processors are quite similar to each other after all. 

That's all, folks. Expect more V11 news coming on your way for this couple of days at TechNave.com!

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