Upgrade your Unifi speed for free now!


If you are a Unifi customer – check your email. TM is sending out an email giving away a ‘Thank You Surprise’ where customers who replied the email is entitled for a free speed upgrade to their TM Unifi package.

All customers need to do is fill up their details, and they will be able to find out what is their upgraded speeds that they are entitled to. All 30Mbps customers will be upgraded to 50Mbps, while 50Mbps customers will get 100Mbps speeds. The upgrade is done at no additional costs, and no contract renewal as well.

170119unifisurprise02 (1).jpg

The date when they are upgraded is a big vague – as TM said it can happen from now until June 2017 in stages – and customers will be getting the upgrade notification via their SMS. This is good news for Unifi customers – head to your inbox to find your upgrade notification now.