Users of iOS 14 beta received notifications about TikTok accessing their clipboards

iOS 14 TikTok cover EDITED.jpg

With the announcement of iOS 14 being made, many users are quite excited about the new features that are coming soon to Apple devices. Other than those features, it looks like the latest OS update has some impressive skills as well. It is reported that the iOS 14 beta has caught TikTok reading users' clipboards.

After installing the iOS 14 beta, users have received notifications alerting them that some apps are reading their clipboards, and one of them appears to be TikTok. After being caught red-handed, TikTok immediately submitted an update to the App Store to remove the feature. Besides TikTok, other apps including Starbucks, Overstock, AccuWeather, several news apps, and more have also been called out.

Before the wide release, iOS 14 beta has already proved itself that the system does value users' privacy by protecting them from such issues. From this, we believe that the users will have more trust when it comes to using the company's products. We can't deny that TikTok has also done a good job by fixing the issue immediately, but are they doing the same to Android users as well?

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