Want to take good care of your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4? The official mobile phone case could be your best bet for safety and functionality!


Each time a new phone gets released, on top of buying the phone itself, most users will also buy mobile phone accessories like screen protectors and phone cases. These are almost necessary to reduce damage and ensure that your brand new phone stays as good as the day you bought it.

There are many third-party phone cases in the market, some of which are cheap while others offer functionality or good-looking designs. However, if you’re serious about the safety of your brand new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4, we’d recommend the official mobile phone cases from Samsung. Thankfully, each case offers different functions so you can pick the one that suits you best!


Slim Standing Cover for Galaxy Z Fold4 


As a folding phablet, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 already supports Flex Mode, which allows users to fold it up as a stand and watch videos on the table. But the Slim Standing Cover official mobile phone case allows the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 to be unfolded all the way as a stand to watch videos!

The official Slim Standing Cover is very thin and light in design. It adopts a two-piece design. Even after it is installed, it does not increase the thickness and weight of the mobile phone too much. The Slim Standing Cover is available in black and beige.


In addition, the bracket of the Slim Standing Cover is magnetic, so that when the bracket is put away, it can stick close to the back of the phone. However, if you do get the Slim Standing Cover, its landscape mode is opposite to the default landscape mode. This is an easy fix though as you can just enable the Auto Rotate mode.


Silicone Grip Cover for Galaxy Z Fold4

The Silicone Grip Cover is also a two-piece mobile phone case. Utilizing a strap on the back of the phone, the Silicone Grip Cover has a frosted design and comes in black and white. Due to the thickness of the strap, the Galaxy Z Fold4 does become slightly thicker after the phone case is installed, but it does not affect the weight by much.



This mobile phone case is actually designed to provide users with a better feel when unfolding the Galaxy Z Fold4. After all, when unfolded, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 becomes a small tablet, and is difficult to hold with one hand. The Silicone Grip Cover case allows users to easily hold the Galaxy Z Fold4 in their hands easily and securely.


Unfolding the Galaxy Z Fold4 with one hand is not a problem at all

In addition to the two mobile phone cases above, Samsung has also come out with other official mobile phone cases for the Galaxy Z Fold4. These include the Galaxy Z Fold4 Standing Cover with Pen that can accommodate the S-Pen, the Galaxy Z Fold4 Leather Cover with a more professional design, and the compact Galaxy Z Fold4 Clear Edge Cover.



If you’re interested, Samsung has an official cash rebate offer for the above-mentioned mobile phone cases, and the maximum rebate offer is RM104! Users who purchase the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 can also get a Galaxy Watch4 Bluetooth worth RM799 as a free gift! Better hurry though, as these promotions are only until 31 December 2022.

So, which official Samsung Galaxy Fold4 case are you interested in? If you’re an S-Pen user like us then the Galaxy Z Fold 4 Standing Cover with Pen could likely be the one for you, while the Leather Cover does offer a bit more of a professional look than the rest. Let us know in the comments below and stay tuned to TechNave.com 





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