Watch iFixit tearing down the Samsung Galaxy S7 into pieces


Ever wonder how does a Samsung Galaxy S7 look inside and can it be fixed manually? iFixit got this covered for you and from the looks of it, the Galaxy S7 is not the type of smartphone that you can fix easily even if you're a pro. 

From the video, the battery can be removed before taking the motherboard out first, however, it's not as simple as you think because the battery is glued well in there. What's more, the USB port can't be replaced too as long as the display is still intact. And the display has a high chance of getting cracked when removed. 

Previously, the Galaxy S6 was already hard to repair, iFixit thinks Galaxy S7 is even harder so they gave it a 3/10 repairability score. So guys and girls, be very careful with your new device and be gentle!


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