Watch these Apple iPhone Air and iPhone 6C concepts!

Apple iPhone 6 C.jpg

We've already seen a curved Samsung Galaxy S5 concept so now it is Apple's turn with a curved glass concept render of the Apple iPhone 6C. Coming courtesy of SET Solution who have dreamed up a number of other concept renders  it also comes with a concept render for the Apple iPhone Air. Taking the same super thin and narrow design as the Apple iPad mini, this concept looks simply awesome on the iPhone with a proposed 1.5mm to 3mm thinness and 70g weight. While this sounds very breakable, it could probably be achieved with a flexible plastic substrate and a wireless, no port design. Obviously, neither of these two concept renders are officially endorsed by Apple but it is nice to dream so check out the videos below: 

The Apple iPhone 6C where the C stands for Curved 

The Apple iPhone Air concept render

A possible Apple iPhone Air TV ad