Waterproof Samsung Galaxy S4 Activ Confirmed

Samsung Galaxy S4 Activ cover 2.jpg

Rumours surrounding the existence of a more rugged and waterproof version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 were put to rest recently. This happened when the Samsung Galaxy S4 Activ (whose name is still not confirmed) was recently certified by the Bluetooth SIG. Its user agent profile then showed up on Samsung's website. While the Bluetooth certification does confirm that yes it does exist, it doesn't confirm much else.

However, the user profile on the site does confirm that the screen will have 1080p resolution just like a standard Samsung Galaxy S4. This is notable because the other two similarly named devices, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini and the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom supposedly don't have as high resolution screens. Unfortunately no pricing just yet, but according to previous scheduling the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active should be launched in July bearing a bright metallic orange colour. Also, no indication if this is just going to be a nano spray application as some people have surmised. Hopefully, it will be something with some form of IP57 certification or something similar.

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