Waze tests a new feature that alerts drivers of dangerous roads with a “history of crashes”

feat image waze new feature.jpg

Popular GPS navigation app Waze is testing a new feature that would warn users of potentially dangerous roads that have a “history of crashes” based on Waze community data. Currently in beta, the app would colour the road on the map red if it is deemed as high-risk.

According to The Verge which sourced a report from Geektime, Waze will also push one pop-up notification about the dangerous roads around the driver. The lack of “in your face” warnings may be an attempt by the developers to not overwhelm drivers but only to call for caution. 

As of right now, the new feature is only available for beta testers in Israel, where the Google-owned company was previously based at. However, as we reported previously, Google has merged the Waze team with the Google Maps team under Google Geo to consolidate operations. 

Hence, this new feature is the first since the merge occurred. This dangerous roads warning is expected to be released in the full version of Waze soon and can be turned off with a toggle located under the app’s settings section designated for alerts. 

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