We might be able to charge the smartwatches just by moving around in the future

smartwatch movement cover EDITED.jpg

Smartwatch is a rising tech gadget in recent years as evidenced by sales reports from the wearable industry. Not only it is slowly replacing conventional watches, but it has also demonstrated several features that are of great help for users. Now, researchers are working on a technology that allows users to charge their smartwatches just by moving.

According to the source, researchers at the CUHK (Chinese University of Hong Kong) are studying a new method to harvest energy from human movements. They are trying to utilise a swinging metal pole that is designed to mimic the movements of the human arms. The device is built to harvest energy from movements with a highly compact generator, which contains ten components including a motion capture unit and a power generation unit.

In 2019, the wearable industry had become a 20.65 billion US Dollar market and aiming to reach 96.31 billion US Dollars by 2027. The manufacturers are also continuously bringing new features to their own wearables including blood oxygen level monitor, heart rate monitor, sleep tracker, and more. With such features that only work when the smartwatch is being worn, not constantly removing the wearable for charging is definitely a good idea.

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