What are the important features of a smartwatch?


Smartwatches have been around for quite a long time now and although they are limited by a number of features, they have become a part of our lives especially for those who are living a healthy lifestyle, collecting and monitoring data on calories, monitoring heartbeats and more. There are a few brands who have tried to venture into this segment, most notably Apple, Samsung, as well as Huawei with a new wearable called the Huawei Watch GT.

That being said, the new Huawei Watch GT will probably be revealed this week alongside with the new Mate 20 series. So we thought it's a good time to check out what the new watch will offer and what features do most users want in a smartwatch.


It's all about monitoring


The difference between second and third place is quite big

As mentioned earlier, we think most smartwatch users would want to know how their healthy lifestyle is progressing but according to the chart, the majority prefers to know if there's an incoming notification or text which is useful. Activity tracking comes in second place and that's no surprise, as smartwatches are also getting better in monitoring your heartbeat, tracking sleeping habits, counting walking steps, watching your calories and other motion detectors such as different kinds of sports (like swimming). Currently, the prominent ones are the Apple Watch 4 series, Samsung Gear Watch and the Huawei Watch GT should be able to do this effortlessly too, at least according to Watch GT beta testers online (more on that later).


GPS and navigation

Continuing the topic of motion detectors, even though GPS/navigation is ranked quite low, we think this is particularly important for serious runners to record down the distance that they've run. Even for hikers, this is also important for them because it can help them to plan the route and keep track of where they are. Wait, mountain climbing? That's not something you hear every day from brands marketing their wearables, but there is some news from testers that have already tried out the Watch GT for hiking and they are quite impressed with the results.


Longer battery life

Battery life remains one of the most important features smartwatch users. On average, most users would need to recharge their smartwatches after one day just like a smartphone. This can't be helped, though, since the functions on it consume a lot of power and it's not like you can just slap on a 4000mAh battery into it (in your dreams). Another alternative is getting a smartband which can last longer but features fewer functions.


Just some testimonies we found from Weibo forums

Just to add on, we found something intriguing and the screenshots that you're seeing here are some Weibo users who had the opportunity to try out the Watch GT before its debut. Besides using it for outdoor activities and sports, these guys went to the extreme, going on adventures from the mountains to lakes, where the wearable survived with some battery life left over even after using the GPS functions. How long? Well, according to the Weibo post, the Watch GT consumed 23% in only just three days! Moreover, rumours from the forum said on average usage, it's able to last for two weeks. Most impressive!

So all in all, these are the features that most smartwatch users want. We think every gadget fan should look out for the Huawei Watch GT, especially the monstrous battery life which should attract a lot of attention, as well as its GPS and navigation capabilities. What do you think about the Watch GT and what do you usually use your smartwatch for? Stay tuned for more tech articles at TechNave.com.