What’s coming for Samsung Galaxy AI?


AI or Artificial Intelligence continues to be the buzzword in tech and this is no exception for Samsung Galaxy AI, which is rumored to be coming soon (probably 2024). We recently managed to sit down with Steve Chan, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Samsung Electronics Malaysia about what we might expect from Samsung Galaxy AI. The most definite statement we got from him is “Not this year!” but if you’re interested, then do read on.

For those who don’t know, Samsung has already incorporated several new AI features with the One UI 6.0 update which rolled out early to Samsung Galaxy S23 series devices. Many other Samsung devices also benefit from AI features like Nightography in the camera app and AI Image Clipping and image remastering which are already built-into the Samsung Gallery. Steve confirmed that rather than focusing on the more technical aspects of AI, Samsung’s focus would remain more towards the layperson or general user with more such useful AI features built-in to Samsung’s apps and UI.


The likelihood of a smarter Bixby was quickly shot down for now, but one upcoming AI feature that Samsung have confirmed already (but hasn’t arrived just yet) is built-in real-time language translation for both calls and chats. This means you could call or message someone in China who doesn’t know English and still communicate smoothly without having to know Chinese yourself (which may not be an issue for many Malaysians). While this is a cool feature for calls and chats, we hope that this may also be applied to real-time translation, which would be a very useful feature for travelers. 

Steve wasn’t able to confirm any other major AI features for Samsung Galaxy AI but did note that everything regarding AI such as generative AI (for both art and text) and the ethics regarding such content are already being discussed at Samsung. What would your wishlist feature be for Samsung Galaxy AI? Would you want AI image or video generative fill or generative AI art you can ask for from the Samsung Gallery? Share your thoughts in the comments below and stay tuned to TechNave.com for more details.


The realtime language translation has been confirmed to be coming for Samsung Galaxy AI


Steve Chan, Senior Product Marketing Manager for Samsung Electronics Malaysia