WhatsApp Desktop now allows users to video and voice call others

WhatsApp video call cover EDITED.jpg

It looks like this week we'll be getting two nice WhatsApp features. After introducing a mute button for videos that are about to be shared, the chat platform is now bringing the most wanted feature to the desktop version. It is announced that video and voice call features will now be offered on the bigger screen.

According to WhatsApp through the announcement, video and voice call services have been used more often during the pandemic as family or friends are trying to maintain social distance. Therefore, WhatsApp "wants conversations on the platform to feel as close to in-person as possible, regardless of where you are in the world or the tech you’re using," and it looks like the way to achieve it is to bring the features to the desktop version.

Functionality-wise, WhatsApp's voice and video call for desktop work in both portrait and landscape orientation. It can also appear as standalone windows for users to resize and set to always appear on top of other open applications. Furthermore, only one-on-one end-to-end encrypted calls are available currently to ensure they'll work perfectly on the desktop version. It is promised that it will be expanded to group calls in the future.

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