WhatsApp introduces new chat filtering feature for better message management


As daily usage of WhatsApp continues to increase, users' need to be able to find the conversations they want quickly and smoothly has become more urgent. To address this issue, WhatsApp launched a new chat filtering feature designed to allow users to quickly locate the messages they want. That said, what should you know about it?

In addition, the new feature starts with the introduction of three filters at the top of the conversation list: All, Unread, and Groups. That should make it easier for you to find important messages. You can tap one of these to select the corresponding filter:

All: The default view displays all messages and is suitable for general browsing.

Unread: Designed for users who need to process and reply to messages quickly, the page will display messages marked as unread or not yet viewed, allowing users to prioritize these important messages.

Groups: A much-anticipated filter, all of your group conversations will now be displayed in one place, making it easier for users to find the group conversations they need, whether it’s family dinner arrangements or vacation plans. In addition, subgroups in the community will also be displayed here to provide users with a more convenient management experience.

Moreover, we could expect this feature to be rolled out in the coming weeks. WhatsApp will also continue to develop more feature options to help users better focus on what they care about most. After all, WhatsApp believes these new filters will make it easier for users to keep messaging conversations organized, find the most important conversations faster, and process messages more efficiently. Hopefully, WhatsApp users in Malaysia could benefit massively from it.


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