WhatsApp is bringing back View Once feature again to the desktop version


It's been almost a year since WhatsApp introduced the View Once for photos and videos. Now, the WhatsApp team is reportedly bringing back the feature for the desktop version as it was previously removed last year.

The screenshot below shows that the View Once message is located above the send button, alongside the same row as the caption bar. Sources also reported that not only WhatsApp for Windows will be getting it back, but as well as WhatsApp for macOS and linked devices (such as WhatsApp beta for iPad).


For those who are wondering why there is a need for View Once, this is because it helps users to have a better sense of privacy. It's also helpful to prevent screenshots if other users think of it, as well as View Once will not store the data on the device's storage. It seems that WhatsApp for Windows users made a complaint when the feature was removed.

The View Once message will be rolling out soon in the coming weeks. This applies to all users of WhatsApp for Windows, WhatsApp for macOS, and WhatsApp Web.