WhatsApp is rolling out new feature "View Once" to Android beta users

WhatsApp View Once cover EDITED.jpg

Disappearing messages is probably one of the most sought after features for messaging apps these days. Some users would like to have their texts go away forever after the recipients read them, be it for cleaning purposes or getting rid of something they don't want others to read. After letting its users send messages that disappear after seven days, WhatsApp is now rolling out the function for photos and videos to Android beta users.

The feature is called "View Once" and it is now available for those who signed up to be the beta testers. If you're one of them, you can find a dedicated icon that looks like a timer in the caption input field when wanting to send media. Instead of letting it stay in the chat for seven days, the media will disappear once the recipient opens it as what the name of the feature implies.

WhatsApp view once 1.jpg

Unfortunately, this feature doesn't guarantee that the others won't screenshot the things you send. It is also worth mentioning that those who have their read receipts turned off won't stop others from being notified if a view once message has been opened. When in groups, it still can be found out when members have opened disappearing media even if you have read receipts disabled.

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