WhatsApp is testing a feature to delete the number of unread messages


WhatsApp is addressing the problem of unread message pressure with a future update found in the beta version for Android. A major addition is the option to automatically delete the number of unread messages every time the application is opened. This could help you manage incoming messages more effectively.

Additionally, by setting the feature, you can clean and focus on new and important messages. This reduces visual clutter and psychological burden. You will also have the ability to toggle this feature where any existing unread message notifications will be reset to zero.

Moreover, this innovation is especially beneficial for those inundated with messages. This is especially true for messages from active group chats. This feature is still in development and its presence in the beta version suggests that it will soon be rolled out to all users.

Additionally, WhatsApp has introduced Chat Filters, further aiding conversation management by categorising chats into All, Unread and Groups. With this feature, you can easily find conversations with your favourite contacts and check received messages in various groups.


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