WhatsApp is working on a voice note function that doesn't get cut off after leaving a chatroom


It's understood that when we listen to a voice chat in WhatsApp, we can't leave the chat room until it's finished otherwise it would get cut off whenever we do. Well, the WhatsApp team is actually working on that and the new feature will be rolling out for iOS first globally.

According to WABetaInfo.com, the development team is working on a voice note function that would appear in the chat list. On top of that, this voice note won't get cut off if we leave a certain chat room. At the moment, this function is currently available to some iOS beta testers including WhatsApp Busines beta.


While it's nice that the voice note won't be interrupted after leaving the chat room, it will still stop if you enter another different chat room. WABetaInfo said that if you experienced that, it means your WhatsApp account is not ready for that so you will just have to wait for the update in the future.

As for the voice note coming to Android, it's currently under development and there's no information about the release date yet. Until then, Android users will have to be patient about it after iOS users get it first sometime this year. Stay tuned for more trending tech news at TechNave.com.