WhatsApp smartwatch app is now available on Wear OS

English_WhatsApp_Wear OS.png

As the title suggests, the WhatsApp smartwatch app is now available on Wear OS. It was announced by Mark Zuckerberg a few hours ago via his Meta Channel broadcast.

As long as your smartwatch has Wear OS 3, the WhatsApp smartwatch app will be available to download. With the app, users will no longer need their phones with them to stay connected and can respond to friends and family using their voice, emojis, quick replies or text - all from their wrist.

Screenshot 2023-07-20 144504.png

That being said, if you're not sure that your Android watch uses Wear OS, it's a common operating system on most Android wearables. Besides the Google Pixel Watch, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 series and Galaxy Watch 5 series also support Wear OS 3 in the Malaysian market so that's great news for Samsung users.