WhatsApp to roll out a feature that lets you leave a group 'silently'

WhatsApp group cover EDITED.pngPhoto courtesy of Business Insider

Leaving group chat on WhatsApp might not be that embarrassing anymore. The latest report claims that the messaging platform will soon roll out a feature that lets users quit the groups 'silently', which is perfect for most of us who don't want to make a big deal out of it.

Currently, if you leave a group, the other members will get notified, and everyone will know you left! Thanks to this new feature, no one, except the group admin, will get told by the app if someone left the group, and they can only find out if they went to check who's left in the conversation.

Besides this, WhatsApp has been bringing in new things constantly. It's said to be working on rich link previews for the text status messages, quick reactions to status updates, companion mode to link a second mobile device feature, and search filtering options.

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