Whatsapp now stops random people from adding you into groups


Have you ever been added into a Whatsapp chat group with a whole bunch of other randoms and end up being spammed with gambling links? Now Whatsapp is combatting that with a new update that stops others from adding users into groups.

The way this works is pretty straight forward, you’ll be given three ways for people to add you into groups: Everyone (meaning anyone can add you into a group), My Contacts (only people in your contacts list may add you into a group) and Nobody. If you opt for nobody, the only way you’ll be able to be added into a group is via an invite through private message. The invite eventually expires after 3 days.


To set up the feature, head on over to Settings > Account > Privacy> Groups and choose from the options given. Whatsapp has mentioned that this update has been long requested by users. Through this update, the company adds, users would be able to have more control over the group messages they receive. So far, this update is out in India and is rolling out in stages globally. Does this make your experience on Whatsapp better? For the latest app news, TechNave.com is your most reliable source!