Wiko expanding to Japan, Egypt and Greece soon this year


During Wiko’s presentation at the MWC 2017, not only they showcased the new upulse smartphone but also announcing their global expansion at Japan, Egypt and Greece.

Propelled by its success in Europe, the company has also seen sustainable growth across the MEA region, positioning itself as the right option for smart buyers looking for great value and trendy features. Major markets are Algeria, Morocco, Kenya, and Ghana. Similarly, it is deepening its operations in Asia; where at the year 2014, it first launched in Vietnam and built up its major presence in Thailand. One year later, it opened in Indonesia. Then in 2016, Malaysia joined the Wiko universe. This year will bring new openings in Japan, Egypt and Greece.

With over 126 million inhabitants, Japan presents a strategic opportunity for Wiko. The positive perception and attachment to France provides a strong link to the brand, with the added novelty of its signature Wiko Touch. Starting things off with some flare, the brand has launched Tommy, a 4G smartphone built for entertainment.

Then for Egypt, the market is moving from a 3G to a 4G network, and some areas across the country have not been converted to 4G yet. By addressing these needs, Wiko provides a wide product portfolio offering to the consumer, which is to build a nationwide presence and has engaged in a partnership with Jovi Tronix. Jovi Tronix has a nationwide network of wholesalers, organised and independent retailers, along with online channels. It will be acting as Wiko’s sole distributor for ground sales and distribution operations, showcasing the latest range of Wiko smartphones, along with its ecosystem of accessories

Last but not least, Greece will also become home to Wiko in the 2nd quarter of 2017. Launching with a diverse range for different users, the company will introduce the Ufeel fingerprint smartphone, as well as members of its fresh and colourful Y range: Sunny, Jerry, Lenny, Robby, Freddy and Tommy. It intends to be present in both retail and operator channels.

To date, the company continues to evolve with 500 employees in more than 30 countries, with 200 employees in Marseille where its products are conceptualised and designed. Wiko also showcased their new Upulse smartphone, which you can check it out here