Will AI cause the death of coding? Are coders going to be out of a job soon?


Recently, Jensen Huang, NVIDIA CEO was quoted saying kids may not need to learn to code in the future at the World Governments Summit 2024, that AI would do it for them. Naturally, quite a few knee-jerk reactions included "the death of coding" which we feel is a bit extreme but has some basis to it. Read on to find out if AI will actually cause the death of coding.

Currently, you can ask Generative AI to generate code required for certain parts or aspects of a program. However, it's not yet powerful enough to create a whole new program based on just a single prompt. Eventually, Gen AI or Generative AI will reach this point. But we expect that given its potential for both making money and wreaking havoc, such a Gen AI program builder would not be available to the general public for free.

In addition, if there are no more coders, who will work on making the Gen AI powerful enough to build an app on its own? Who will make sure that the AI can accurately respond to the needs and wants of those who are using it? As such, even if we reach a point where Gen AI can actually build a completely new app from scratch using just a prompt, coders will always be useful.

You can check out the conversation with Jensen Huang in detail here

However, there is some truth to this "death of coding" reaction in that only the higher-end coders who can work with Gen AI will likely be required. If you're just a low-level coder with basic knowledge, you may find your skills replaced when Gen AI improves to that point. What should you do if you're still a low-level coder? Upskill and improve seems like a no-brainer, but there's also the option to become better by learning how to use Gen AI prompts as well.

As such, learning to use prompts, getting better at English and how to use such Gen AI languages to describe or instruct the Gen AI is of much higher importance for students. So, if you've always neglected your language studies, then this is your wake-up call to get started on improving your language skills.

Here’s what AI (Gemini) had to say about it:

No, AI is unlikely to cause the death of coding. In fact, it's more likely to change how we code. Here's why:

  • AI excels at automation: AI can automate repetitive coding tasks, freeing up programmers to focus on more complex problems like design, architecture, and creative solutions
  • AI helps with efficiency: AI-powered tools can suggest code completion, identify errors, and even generate basic code structures. This can make programmers more productive.
  • Coding requires human skills: The core aspects of coding, like problem-solving, critical thinking, and coming up with creative solutions are still very much human specialties.
  • Limited AI understanding: While AI can understand code to a certain extent, it can't fully grasp the nuances of human intent and the big-picture goals of a project. Programmers are still needed to bridge that gap.

Overall, AI will likely become a powerful assistant to coders, making them more efficient and allowing them to focus on the high-level thinking essential for good software development.

Google Gemini

What do you think? Have you tried writing a prompt in Generative AI yet? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below, and stay tuned to TechNave.com.


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