Woman discovered pregnancy through Apple Watch before conducting clinical tests

Apple Watch pregnancy cover.jpg

Not only saving lives, but the Apple Watch is also detecting lives. According to a Reddit post, a woman discovered she was pregnant with the help of the mentioned tech gadget even before clinical tests.

A 34-year-old woman claimed that her Apple Watch kept alerting her about the increase in heart rate for 15 days. The warning message stated that her resting heart rate should be about 57. However, it has since risen to 72 during that period. It led the woman to start looking for the reason that caused the change.

At first, she thought it was due to COVID-19, but the test result turned out to be negative. After that, she read an article stating that female heartbeats usually increase in the first trimester of pregnancy. Therefore, she did a pregnancy test and got a positive result. Of course, the woman went to a clinic for a proper checkup, which confirmed she was four weeks into her pregnancy.

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