XPAX Internet Burung Hantu offers free high speed internet every night from 1AM to 7AM

XPAX Magic SIM Internet Burung Hantu.jpg

XPAX Magic SIM recently offered a new add-on for those Malaysians who are up in the wee hours of 1AM to 7AM called Internet Burung Hantu (Night Owl Internet). This is available for XPAX Magic SIM users who subscribe to the weekly or month Internet plans starting from the RM10 Net10 which gets 500MB of data. The other four include Net25 for 1GB data at RM25, Net38 for 2GB data at RM38 and Net58 for 4GB data at RM58. You'll also get 75 minutes of free talk time and 75 free SMS for monthly plans while weekly plans offer 15 minutes of free talktime and 15 free SMS. There is a daily plan at RM5 with free 3 minutes talktime and 3 SMS but this does not provide the free late-night high speed Internet. Check out the table below or the XPAX Magic SIM site for more details:

XPAX Magic SIM Internet Burung Hantu table.jpg