Xiaomi 14 leaked - 3C confirms 90W charging support for the new phone

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Looks like Xiaomi fans are in for a surprise. As we approach the end of 2023, rumours and leaks about the new Xiaomi 14 are running wild on the internet. That said, a recent leak confirms the phone could arrive with a 90W charging support. That said, what should you know about it?

According to MyFixGuide, the Chinese Compulsory Certification (CCC) a.k.a 3C recently listed a phone with the model number 23127PN0CC. This phone could be the standard variant for the Xiaomi 14. On top of that, 3C confirms that the device will feature 90W charging support.

Moreover, the charging adapter for the phone will have a power output of 5-20V at 6.1-4.5A. That means it can have a peak of 90W charging support. This also means the phone could come with a Xiaomi MDY-14-EC charger. However, we have yet to confirm if the adapter will be included in the box.


Interestingly, the Xiaomi 13 included the charger in its box for the global launch. On the other hand, the ones in Chinese markets came without the charger. Hence, Xiaomi fans in China had to choose if they wanted the phone unit only or if they wanted to add the charger as well.

We have yet to confirm other details on this phone. However, it is safe to assume that it could arrive soon. If this device is on your wishlist, you might want to save up for it.

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