Xiaomi Black Shark 3 might be the first smartphone to have 16GB RAM

Xiaomi Black Shark 3 EDITED.jpeg

Gaming smartphones are gaining a lot of attention these days. Other than devices like ASUS ROG Phone and Razer Phone, Xiaomi’s Black Shark is also a gaming smartphone series that you should watch out from the Chinese tech company. Besides having a larger battery, the Black Shark 3 is also rumoured to be the first phone to have 16GB of RAM.

The Xiaomi Black Shark 3 has already been certified by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China (MIIT), so it means that the device will be coming to us very soon. As we’ve also heard, the Black Shark 3 5G is going to pack a 4700mAh battery that supports 30W or higher fast-charging technology, which will provide longer battery life for the better gaming experience.

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16GB of RAM is actually a lot for a smartphone as some would even say it’s unnecessary. Normally, you can perform any tasks smoothly on your device with just 4GB of RAM for Android smartphones. However, it is still exciting to see the upgrade because who knows in the future we might need bigger RAM to run more advanced apps.

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