Xiaomi & Leica announced new partnership, plans to release first imaging smartphone in July 2022

Xiaomi x Leica-crop.png

Today, Xiaomi has announced an official partnership with Leica Camera. Leica Camera is a German camera tech company that collaborated a lot with Huawei. Now onwards with Xiaomi, there will be an imaging flagship smartphone coming soon in July 2022.

There isn't much information about the first imaging flagship smartphone jointly developed by the two companies. But what we do know is that this is long-term strategic cooperation for many years. CEO of Leica Camera AG, Matthias Harsch said that Leica would "open a new era" of mobile imaging".

Xiaomi x Leica.png

For those who aren't familiar, Leica Camera has existed for over 100 years creating lightweight cameras favoured by street photographer pioneers and world-class optical lenses. Leica cameras are recognisable by their ‘red dot’ branding and have attracted well-known photographers and emerging new talents around the world.

As aforementioned, Huawei has also released multiple smartphones with Leica camera technology for a few years. It will be interesting to see how both Xiaomi and Leica work together to differentiate from Huawei's P series. Stay tuned for more trending tech news TechNave.com.