Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro and Mi 8 Lite coming to Malaysia this Saturday with Mi Store Pavilion KL opening + AirDots


Xiaomi Malaysia recently announced that they'll be opening up their official Mi Store at Pavilion KL along with their Mi 8 Pro and Mi 8 Lite smartphones. While you can check the complete tech specs comparison using our site comparison tool, the stand-out differences between the three are that the Mi 8 Pro has 8GB RAM + 128GB storage and an in-display fingerprint scanner while the Mi 8 Lite has a midrange Snapdragon 660 chipset with 24MP front camera (the other 2 have 20MP front cameras, Snapdragon 845 chipsets and OIS dual rear cameras).

All three Mi 8 smartphones feature shiny backsides but the Mi 8 remains the smartphone with the largest 3400 mAh battery. With the Mi 8 with 6GB RAM + 64GB storage currently going for RM1679, we expect the Mi 8 Pro Malaysia pricing to go from RM1799 to RM1999 while the selfie-focused Mi 8 Lite could go for RM899 to RM1099.


If you get these phones at the Mi Store opening and get in the queue (starts at 10.30am), we expect other earlybird freebies like a free bag and earbuds to also be bundled together. We'll be there to check it out so stay tuned to TechNave.com.

In related news, Xiaomi also announced their AirDots wireless earbuds priced from 199 yuan (~RM119). Definitely not coming to Malaysia just yet, they are expected to last up to 4 hours on a single charge, support Bluetooth 5.0, get a recharge 3 times using the charging case and have a button-less touch panel for controls.


Could these Xiaomi AirDots eventually come to Malaysia?

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