Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 is rumoured to come with an under-display camera

Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 EDITED.jpg

After ZTE Axon 20 opened the way for the under-screen camera, we think this year will certainly have more models coming with the exciting technology. One of the smartphone brands that is highly possible to launch one is Xiaomi. Earlier, it was reported that the Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro could come with an under-screen camera but the same tipster has later pulled back the rumour. Now, it is said that the device arriving with the technology would be the long-awaited Mi Mix 4.

Back in August 2020, the Chinese tech giant announced that they have achieved the mass production stage of the third-generation under-screen camera technology. The company's under-screen camera technology uses a new self-developed pixel arrangement and a redesigned pixel drive circuit. With those, the camera can further increase the light transmittance of the front-facing part of the screen, allowing it to work like conventional front-facing cameras.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 1.jpg

Not long ago, the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 has also been spotted in the HTML source code of the company's website. Therefore, the source guessed that the first Xiaomi phone to come with the technology would be the Mi Mix 4. True or not, let's hold our horses for more news to come as this is still a wild guess.

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