Xiaomi skipping the 7 to reveal the Mi 8 soon on 31 May 2018


On 31 May 2018, Xiaomi will be releasing a brand new Mi 8 instead of the supposedly Mi 7 in China. Why are they skipping a number? Well, turns out that the company will be celebrating its 8th anniversary this year, so I guess you can say that they just wanted to match the number just for the sake of it.

Announced in their official Weibo account, the teaser image didn't give much information on what are the tech-specs, so we will have to visit back the previous rumours. The Mi 8 is going to be a big one and a flagship carrying a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset, an 8GB of RAM, 128GB of storage and the 6.01-inch screen panel is said to have a pretty wide notch design just like the Apple iPhone X. Why is it so wide? Because there's gonna be a 3D sensor face unlock technology.


This new information separates itself from the previous rumour of using a 5.65-inch display, which belonged to the "Mi 7". But then again, there was supposed to be a "Mi 7 Plus" which the Mi 8's description fits and we don't see any possibility of a "Mi 8 Plus". Anyway, the Mi 8 could carry a 3200mAh or 3500mAh battery pack inside.

Xiaomi devices usually take some time to reach Malaysia after the product's first debut, but Xiaomi Malaysia also tends to not throw a party launch as much as they should. Stay tuned for more Xiaomi news at TechNave.com

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