Xiaomi unveils Mi Band 2 for RM94


Xiaomi recently unveiled their latest and most advanced successor to the Mi Band, the Xiaomi Mi Band 2. Surprisingly, the price still remains affordable at RMB 149 (RM94) with some new features. It packs tech specs of heart-rate and sleep tracker, OLED screen, 20-day battery life, IP67 water resistant, ADI accelerometer and optical heart rate sensor, Anodized 0.05mm ultra-thin button, upgraded pedometer algorithm, Hypoallergenic silicone band and second-gen Bluetooth 4.0 for stable connections.

13312669_1079457472089845_2356240747861185952_n (1).jpg


So far, the Mi Band 2 has not been appearing on Xiaomi's official website yet, but they did unveil the product at its official Facebook page. There's no release date for global and Malaysia market at the moment, but it shouldn't be long until we may be able to order one.