Yes Wireless Fiber 5G plan now on Raya promotion, special price starting from RM99/month


A few hours ago, Yes by YTL Communications just posted a new Fiber product promotion on its Facebook page. Simply dubbed as Yes Wireless Fiber 5G, you can now get this at only RM99 per month for the first six months.

As the first-ever wireless 5G home fibre device in Malaysia, it has an internet download speed of up to 120Mbps and there are two promotion plans for Malaysians. The first one is the Yes Wireless Fibre 120Mbps with uncapped 5G data as well as 4G LTE speed of up to 150GB data. A free Infinite Gateway 5G WiFi 6 router will be given and this contract goes on for 24 months.


On the other hand, there's also the Yes Wireless Fibre 120Mbps Bundle at RM190 per month. It has the same benefits as the former but comes with extra Infinite Basic postpaid plans (2x) with 5G, as well as an optional add-on Infinite Special supplementary line. The download speed is also the same at 120Mbps.

Do note that the RM99 per month promotion on the normal Yes Wireless Fibre plan will only be for six months. After that, the original price will revert back to RM148 per month. This goes the same for the bundle plan, which will go back to RM264 per month.


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