You can bring Baby Yoda home now, all thanks to Funko Pop!

baby yoda cover EDITED.png

If you happened to stumble upon some of the The Mandalorian memes recently after the release of the show on Disney+, you definitely have witnessed the cute baby version Yoda. Funko Pop! knows what is going on and made the character into a merchandise for Star Wars fans to whip out their money.

*Spoiler Alert* Baby Yoda is not actually the baby Yoda. However, there are rumours saying the character is possibly Yoda and Yaddle’s love child and he or she might also be a fungus. For now, the character is known as The Child, and Funko Pop! named the figure The Child too instead of Baby Yoda. If you are wondering what Baby Yoda did to charm the internet, here are some of the memes we collected from various sources for your viewing pleasure!

baby yoda 2.jpg

baby yoda 3.png 

Okay, I can't wait for Disney+ to be in Malaysia and stream The Mandalorian. The Funko Pop! figure will only start to ship starting from 15 May 2020. The small 3 ¾-inch figure will cost you 9 USD (~RM37.62) , while the price of 10-inch super sized Baby Yoda will be at 30 USD (~RM125.39).

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